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School outings

School outings are the highlight of a Child’s calender and at Chuckies we have facilitated many schools tours over the years. It is an ideal venue for young children where a high level of supervision is required as child safety is our No. 1 priority.


Our aim at Chuckies is to provide a challenging play environment for the kids where they can learn new skills in a fun way. We also provide support for Teachers/Carers who are supervising the children so that it is an enjoyable and stress free outing for everyone.


If you would like more details on our School Tours Package, please contact us on 021 4344112 or email us on play@chuckies.ie

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Fundraising Opportunity for Primary Schools



Every year it is the task of the Parents Association to focus on raising as much money as possible to support the financial needs of their School. It can often be a very challenging responsibility and is getting more difficult as the years go on to come up with new ways of raising fund. In response to this, Chuckies has come up with an innovative fundraising opportunity.


From Mon - Friday each week from 10th Jan - 30th June, we are offering the facilities at Chuckies to Schools who wish to hold a social evening for the purpose of fundraising. This is an ideal way for all the family to enjoy an evening out and meet other parents and children in their locality. Funds taken at the door will go directly to the school and other than a nominal contribution toward the costs of hosting the event, Chuckies will sponsor Staff & other associated costs. All we ask is that the Parents Association organise a team of helpers at the end of the night to help with the clean up!


To ensure that the evening is a success, at least 6 weeks notice is required when booking an evening. This allows time for promoting the event.


If you would like to discuss how Chuckies can help your School to raise funds, please email us on play@chuckies.ie



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